The New URA Platform

In the next couple of months we'll be unveiling our new utility billing platform to all customers. Take a quick peek at whats coming in the video here.

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URA Group prepares approximately $200,000,000 of recoverable dollars annually solely in it’s metering division.

50 years in business

Organized for more than half a century, URA Group management collectively has more than 150 years of experience in the business.

Commitment to Technology

URA Group constantly integrates the latest technological developments into our consulting procedures and services.

What We Offer

customize our service offerings to your needs

URA Meter Reading
  1. Manual Readings
  2. Remote Readings
  3. Interval Metering
  4. Multi-Utility R&B
  5. Meter Sales
  6. Meter Installation
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Utility Bill Auditing Services
  1. Cost Recovery
  2. Tenant Auditing
  3. Multi-Utility
  4. Utility Surveying
  5. Load estimation
  6. Lease Consulting
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Utility Engineering Services
  1. Public Light & Power Studies
  2. Tenant Analysis
  3. Building Analysis
  4. Electrical CAD Diagrams
  5. General Wiring Diagrams
  6. Utility Forcasting
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Lease Consulting Services
  1. Average Cost Estimations
  2. Utility Forecasting
  3. Tenant Auditing
  4. Tenant Forecasting
  5. Metering
  6. Utility Bill Auditing
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Lease Consulting Services
  1. Annual Benchmarking (LL84)
  2. Energy Audits (LL87)
  3. Retro-commissioning (LL87)
  4. Lighting Upgrades (LL88)
  5. Sub-metering (LL88)
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