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A multi-disciplined firm providing measurement and verification on a metered basis for electric, steam, water and BTU to determine costs.

Utilities Research Associates began more than fifty years ago as a small, four person consulting office in New York City. Back then, most of the electrical industry was rent inclusion survey based. At that time, all work was typed and calculated by hand. URA was the first company to use custom written computer software, using programmable calculators.
In 1978, URA hired Altman Data Systems to completely automate and computerize its survey procedures, resulting in the first Survey Calculation Software program a first in the business. URA’s association with Altman Data Systems has continued for 26 years, constantly integrating the latest technological developments into their consulting procedures. The new survey program led us to new software to compute all electric rates and tariffs. These were the days of the energy crisis, long gas lines and a panicked nation. Utility rates were skyrocketing and changing constantly. Landlords needed help to navigate through all the chaos. For the first time, landlords needed to reduce overhead at all costs -- and URA was there for the challenge.
In 1981, URA was awarded the consulting contract for American Airlines, providing complete cost analysis to the Sky Chef Food Service Facilities. This was a massive job and involved facilities at all the major national airports including Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Boston and New York. URA was able to reduce their costs five percent a year over a three year period.
The year was 1986, and the Port Authority of NY and NJ’s World Trade Center was in need of controlling their costs and recouping increased revenue from their tenants. URA stepped in, modifying their already proven Survey Program to specifically address the needs of the Port Authority with customized software. As a result, the Port Authority of NY and NJ was able to recapture millions of dollars, due to the efforts of URA.

WHY URA Group?

URA Group provides services to the most prestigious firms in the real estate industry. We can provide the same services to you.

50 years of service innovation.

URA Group has been in the forefront of building sub-metering and energy management for over 50 years.

URA Group helped to develop the concept of Electronic Remote reading capability and encouraged the development of the first reliable electronic meter that can be used for tenant revenue billing - leaps in industry innovation that are still widely used today.

You will not find a more innovative, versatile, and well versed firm in the industry.

Green Power

We help companies go green and stay that way.

With services that help identify and resolve utility over-load and integrating new technology, URA Group helps buildings go green and stay that way.

New federal and state laws require increased efficiency and utility load management or face heavy penalties and fines. URA Group not only helps you stay efficient and manage building loads but can even help you feed energy back to the grid. Our utility load management and monitoring help identify wasted load that can be shed in response to city and state conservation efforts.

Reliable Team

Always professional and reliable.

URA group has over 150 years of combined experience in our senior staff. Over 50 years, we have developed solid methodologies and processes that help us be the most reliable firm in the industry.

We pass on our methodologies and processes to our employees through vigorous training sessions, ongoing enrichment programs, and strict oversight.

What We Offer

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URA Meter Reading
  1. Manual Readings
  2. Remote Readings
  3. Interval Metering
  4. Multi-Utility R&B
  5. Meter Sales
  6. Meter Installation
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Utility Bill Auditing Services
  1. Cost Recovery
  2. Tenant Auditing
  3. Multi-Utility
  4. Utility Surveying
  5. Load estimation
  6. Lease Consulting
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Utility Engineering Services
  1. Public Light & Power Studies
  2. Tenant Analysis
  3. Building Analysis
  4. Electrical CAD Diagrams
  5. General Wiring Diagrams
  6. Utility Forcasting
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Lease Consulting Services
  1. Average Cost Estimations
  2. Utility Forecasting
  3. Tenant Auditing
  4. Tenant Forecasting
  5. Metering
  6. Utility Bill Auditing
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Lease Consulting Services
  1. Annual Benchmarking (LL84)
  2. Energy Audits (LL87)
  3. Retro-commissioning (LL87)
  4. Lighting Upgrades (LL88)
  5. Sub-metering (LL88)
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