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Class 3000 Load Profiling Meter

The D-Mon Class 3000 meter is a low-cost, easy-to-install intelligent KWH/Demand meter displaying KWH, KW with peak date and time, real-time KW, amps per phase and volts per phase.


    Multiple applications


    On request


The Pro-Mon is capable of interfacing with other types of utility meters including water, gas and BTU. The Pro-Mon can communicate with the RightEnergy system for automatic meter reading and billing and/or load profiling.

  •  Easy to read cycling 4-line by 20-character backlit LCD display:
     KW (with peak date & time)
     Real-time load in KW
     Amps per phase
     Volts per phase
  •  RS485 Communications support up to 52 Pro-Mons or I-Mons via 4-conductor communications network (up to 4,000 feet total 24-26 AWG)
     14.4K Baud Modem (Optional)
     Cellular Modem (Optional)
     Installation diagnostics and verification system
  •  Records KWH and KW data for two channels. Data stored in 15-minute intervals for up to 36 days or 5-minute intervals for up to 12 days
  •  0-2 volt output split-core current sensors allow for safe and accurate remote mounting of current sensors up to 2,000 feet from meter without power interruption
  •  External meter input (water, gas, BTU, etc.)
  •  Meter is available in the following configurations:
     3 PHASE, 4 WIRE (WYE) (Standard configuration)
     3 PHASE, 3 WIRE (DELTA) (Specify when ordering)
     For other voltages and configurations contact factory
  •  Industrial grade JIC enclosure for indoor installation
  •  Three 1 1/16" KO (3/4" cond.) on bottom of enclosure
  •  Padlocking hasp
  •  Mounting flanges
  •  UL Listed
  •  Meets or exceeds ANSI C12 National Accuracy Standards