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The SE-240 is a form 2S class 200 meter designed for light Commercial and Residential applications. SE-240 can be configured as a stand-alone meter or can be networked to accommodate various Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) solutions.


    Multiple applications


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Form 2S Class 200, 240V, 60Hz, Single Phase, 3-Wire, 5 Amp through 5000 Amp. Low cost, AMR-ready meter with LCD-readout for energy display.

Modular design, open architecture.

Data can be processed and stored at the meter or can be processed by the communication electronics.

Supports real-time metering, Time-of-Use (TOU), load profiling, load management, power quality monitoring.

Compatible with Power-Line-Carrier, CEBus, LonWorks, RF two-way, cellular, satellite, two-way paging, telephone and cable modems.

Both 240VAC and 12VDC provided to communications module.

Available with 200A load disconnect